Why our children should spend more time in the kitchen

As many families are in a situation where both parents are working, it gives us more opportunity to spend time together. We can have quality time – away from our phone, TV or any other electronic devices – in the kitchen to connect with our children.

Children can learn valuable life lessons and skills and there are endless opportunities for educating our children, for example developing hands-on mathematics knowledge about volume, measurement; Literacy skills such as reading (recipes) and writing (a shopping list); as well as developing fine and gross motor skills (using cutlery, stirring, kneading and rolling dough).

It is almost always easier, quicker and more efficient to do everything for our children. Preparing meals is a prime example of this. However, involving children (however messy and lengthy it may make the process) can do wonders for their level of responsibility, education, self-esteem and their feelings of belonging and importance in the family unit. An added bonus is that fussy eaters are much more likely to sample and enjoy foods that they have made themselves.

Involving our children in the kitchen not only gives us more time together but it also helps raise their awareness of what goes into the food they eat

Allow them to become involved in the daily chores at home, such as cooking so that they can also take ownership of what they choose to put in their bodies

Nothing worthwhile in life is quick or easy. Invest in your child by giving them quality time in the kitchen and more home-cooked meals. Involve your children in your menu choices and more importantly use the kitchen as a place where you can spend time with your child, have fun and make memories. Make smart choices on their behalf and teach them how to make smarter choices for themselves.

Now how is that look of my first born baby boy Kunal, still cannot believe he is a big brother these past two months.


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