Sugar Free Eating – Part 2

So here is part two for you. Eating sugar free results in less mood swings and even a clearer, focused, and improved mental state. By keeping the sugar levels in your body under control, you are maintaining adequate levels of serotonin, which is a chemical in your brain that affects your moods. Low serotonin levels can cause anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, depression, etc. When your body is low on serotonin it automatically wants to remedy the situation-with sugar. That’s when cravings set in. The problem with using refined sugar as the remedy is that your body uses this energy up very quickly, and then when it’s gone, you crash! When you have a firm grip on your blood sugar and your serotonin levels, your body doesn’t have these rapid ups and downs caused by sugar, which will result in a more elevated and even keeled mood and improved sense of well being. So give yourself some time to get use to eating sugar free.. it will definitely be frustrating for a week or two but as time goes your body and mind will adjust to it, making you feel like a lighter and happier person. #benefitsofsugarfreelife#bettermoodsbetterdays#focusedmindset#lifestylechangenotadiet#newweeknewgoals #makethechangetoday #partthreesoon

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