Some moments in the kitchen with my mini chef Kunal and @futurelifeza

Some moments in the kitchen with my mini chef Kunal. The main judge for all my meals I make at home. As you can see he also loves the camera. He is one of the main reasons for changing my lifestyle to a healthy one. We all want to be here as long as we can to watch our little ones grow every second of the way. The key to this is definitely eating the correct way and being active. Remember eating the correct way does not mean a permanent diet, but just eating whole foods, being active, eating clean and in a balance. There is never a day he does not help me in the kitchen. This little boy will be able to show you exactly where to find my ingredients to specific kitchen items, to even explaining how to use each ingredients and appliances in my kitchen. As much as it can get frustrating to have little ones in the kitchen especially if you want to get your cooking done with as soon as possible, try to at least involve them when you can, you will be surprised how much they can learn instead of being glued to the tv. Thanks to @futurelifeza for making our breakfast preps exciting and healthy these mornings with their new crunch smart cereal

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