Creamy Pineapple Dessert
I always buy fresh cream and sour cream when doing my shopping. These few days it was just lying in my fridge and needed to use it before it expires. So, I made the famous delicious creamy pineapple dessert. I used my Le Creuset mini cocottes to serve them in, they are also perfect for desserts when you need to cover and leave to set in the fridge instead of using cling wrap and it just makes the dessert look even more mouth watering.
Creamy Pineapple Dessert


  • 2 large or medium crushed tin pineapples
  • 1 sour cream
  • 1 fresh cream
  • 1 nestle condensed milk
  • 1 flake
  • Crushed pistachio
  • Pinch of cardamom which is optional


  1. Drain the pineapple and leave aside.
  2. Beat fresh cream till slight thick.
  3. Add the sour cream and beat.
  4. Add the condensed milk and beat.
  5. Now add the crushed pineapple, cardamom and pistachio into your cream mixture.
  6. Spoon into bowls. Sprinkle flake and refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours.