Know Your Skin – 365 Skincare by Sorbet

After my experience today @sorbetlalucia I am definitely going to be focusing a lot more on my skin. We normally analyze our skin by just the appearance of it and not really knowing what exactly is happening underneath, for example redness, rashes or those zits we all hate and are very quick to grab any product to apply onto our face. This new skincare range gives u such accurate in-depth results you will be amazed. By using the 365 skin workout range this machine will be able to track your progress of your skin as you use the products. The 365 skin scanner is a revolutionary product, designed for accurate skin analysis, quickly detecting UV damage, cellular activity, wrinkle depth, hydration levels and so much more. Once you have done your accurate skin care analysis this scanner will put together a full skin care range to suit your skin type from the Renew kit (for ageing skin), Bright kit (for hyper-pigmented skin), Restore kit (for sensitive skin), Balance kit (for problematic skin), and Healthy kit (for all skin types). What I love about this range is the face mask it just takes three minutes to have it applied on your face, making it perfect for all those who are always busy and on the go. As a mum we don’t have time to sit with a mask for 15 minutes so this is ideal for us busy mums to have a quick treat and having that soft clean glowing skin after applying the three minute mask. There are so many positive parts to their range especially it being Paraben free (a chemical used in most facial and body products that can increase the chances of breast cancer), gluten free, Vegan multi pharmaceutical, mineral oil free, contamination free packaging, no animal testing , gluten free and free from perfumes and unnatural colors. Now I am sure you all agree that this is just the best skincare range to start using as part of a healthy lifestyle. Go now to @sorbetlalucia to get that glowing skin you all want. #happyskin#smoothandglowingskin#loveurskinfromnow#healthylifestyle#knowyourskintype#selflove#getthatglowingskin

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