@kenwoodza pressure cooker is no fuss, no mess.

When it comes to my home it is meat-free days on Tuesday and Thursday. One of our must-have meals which are famous in many Indian homes these days is sugar beans curry and puri. For me, I prefer to use the beans we have to soak overnight and boil the next day to turn into a delicious.

But many of us dread this boiling time, waiting for ages for the beans to get soft. Well with my @kenwoodza pressure/multi-cooker it took only 10 minutes to get three cups of sugar beans to get soft with just the click of a button. Click the beans option, medium pressure, and 10 minutes. Seal and start.
Instead of standing ages, I am the stove filling water, making sure no water overflows. @kenwoodza pressure cooker is no fuss, no mess.

You could easily make your curry as well by starting with the sauté button adding your whole spices, oil, onions, tomatoes, and spice blends, cooking for a few minutes.. add your soaked beans and water two fingers above, click onto beans option, medium pressure and 10 minutes. When halfway to ten minutes cancel, release air from the vent, add your potatoes and fresh coriander. Seal and cook for an extra five minutes till potatoes and beans are soft. That’s it.

What I love about making my beans or boiling my beans with my @kenwoodza multi-cooker is how my gravy always comes out just right, not thin, not thick. The consistency is just perfect.

If you haven’t purchased this amazing @kenwoodza cooker I highly recommend it.. this will be part of your families kitchen for years making cooking so easy and delicious

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