Intouch With Famous Chef Tony Kocke

Yes that’s me looking into the universe and claiming only the positive for @thehealthyplateza. The law of attraction definitely works. Today the famous Chef Tony Kocke, Executive Chef of Fairmont Zimbali Resort, one of the most experienced and lauded Chefs in the country has made direct contact with @thehealthyplateza wanting to meet to exchange some culinary skills and cook up some mouthwatering dishes together. Chef Tony is Originally from Berlin, he worked in numerous restaurants around the world before opening his own restaurant, Ma Cuisine, in Brandenburg, Germany, which was awarded a Michelin Star (Michelin star chefs are normally Gordon Ramsay to Bobby Flay)for its exceptional cuisine. He moved to London in 1985 where he gained invaluable experience as a Commis Chef for the famous Dorchester Hotel as well as the The Hilton and St James Club. Over the years, Kocke has served a number VIP diners – including Queen Elizabeth, Jimmy Carter, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, George Forman, Pitbull, Sigourney Weaver, the Springboks and the most memorable of all, Princess Diana. This is just a small part of what an amazing chef he is. I cannot explain how excited I am after receiving a direct call from this famous chef today. This is proof that anything is possible. I know and feel that @thehealthyplateza will be going to amazing places very soon and reaching for the sky!. #excitingtimesahead#lawofattraction#michelinstarchefsinthemaking#anythingispossible#positivevibesalways#cookingforlove#foodbloggerlifestyleisgettingreal#happydance#letsdothis

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