Ideas to put Strawberries into good use to make a dish incredibly tasty.

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We all at some stage will buy the biggest beautiful red punnet of strawberries and when you bite into those fat strawberries it’s sour or just has no taste, you have to admit strawberries are not that cheap and we can’t afford to throw it into the trash.

So here are some ideas to put them into good use to make a dish incredibly tasty.

Make them even sweeter! Toss strawberries with sugar and let them stand for at least a half hour. Dollop onto ice cream and madeira cake

Top oatmeal, yogurt or cereal with sliced strawberries and a drizzle of honey over them for the perfect morning treat

Drop them into a glass of champagne

Blend together into a delicious strawberry cardamom lassi

Jam it away for some homemade jam which is the best.

Bake up some puffed pastry filled with Nutella chocolate and strawberry slices.

Roast some strawberries with coconut sugar or honey or brown sugar perfect for a topping of pancakes or toast with a layer of ricotta or cottage cheese (recipe on my page)

Super simple with a light and refreshing strawberry sorbet.

Have an at-home spa day with a strawberry face mask. Strawberries are nature’s perfect exfoliant and are packed with Vitamin C.

Toss into a delicious summer salad.

Whip up a classic English dessert, the Eton mess recipe on my page.

The list can go on. It’s just a little creativity or a small change in cooking that can make cooking so exciting, delicious and never wasting a single ingredient in your kitchen.

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