Gluten Free VS Low Carb

So everyone is slightly confused about the difference in gluten free and low carb.. so here is just a summary. Carbs & gluten are very different substances, however. Carbohydrates consist of sugar, while gluten is a group of protein

Cutting out gluten is an essential diet step for those diagnosed with Celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity. Doing so means eliminating many types of pasta, bread, and cereal. Gluten is a protein used to make food thicker or chewier. A gluten-free diet includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. Grains such as rice, quinoa, and buckwheat, and protein sources from cold-water fish, chicken or plant-based proteins are important parts of the gluten-free diet. one might be led to believe that going gluten-free is the same as cutting out all carbs. These two “diets,” however, have some major differences.
In fact, gluten-free diets can actually have a negative impact on your diet if you don’t have a gluten sensitivity. For starters, the complex carbohydrates found in food containing gluten are vital to the body. They provide fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that the body craves to stay full and satisfied.
And forget the gluten-free weight loss myth. Eliminating gluten can slow down the metabolism, burning off fewer calories.
If you think you may suffer from gluten-sensitivity, seek medical advice. Otherwise, there’s no need to put restrictions on yourself.
Going carb free means that you cut out any food that contain carbohydrates, which are made from sugars, starches, cellulose and gums. Cutting all foods that have carbs can be very difficult. Foods that contain sugars of any kind have carbohydrates. This can include breads, fruits, certain vegetables, candy and soda. A carbohydrate-heavy meal triggers an increase insulin production. As it works to break down starches and sugars, insulin can also contribute to weight gain. Insulin production boosts your appetite and signals your body to store fat. Cutting out carbs using a carb-free diet can keep your blood sugar at an even keel, keep cravings at a minimum and lower your body’s need to store fat. Of course, the trick to losing weight is consuming less calories than you use.

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