Fitness Journey

Payal has a unique and innate ability to understand and connect with her spectrum of clients given her personal background, friendly disposition, knowledge and expertise in the area of healthy eating and living. Having lost both her parents within a short space Payal understands the individual challenges facing so many when it comes to overcoming difficult circumstances. This includes various stressors and threats to one’s emotional and physical wellbeing, especially given the demands of modern-day society. After giving birth to her son, she also gained weight, which adversely affected her usually high morale and self-esteem. This resulted in depression which affected her usually cheerful approach to life. However, she was determined to make changes for the better not only for herself, but her husband and most of all, her child. 

After careful introspection and being a self-starter, overcomer and self-motivator she decided to take action based on positive lifestyle changes in different aspects. Withina short space of time (only two months) she was remarkably able to shed all the excess weight (almost 20KGs) through self-discipline, a rigorous exercise regimen and a meticulous diet.And all this while taking full responsibility for her child, home, family and personal commitments which would ordinarily consume her entire day and leave little time for leisure or any other activities.


Weight Loss Transformation

So here it is!!!! Yes post pregnancy weight can change your whole life to a depressing one. Only a mother herself knows this feeling, but for all your mums out there here is proof that nothing is impossible in two months I lost that 20kgs and never gained it almost two years now. I’m here to inspire all of you and help you in every possible way I can. It’s an experience I went through, what a roller coaster of emotions. Times the closet people won’t even want to associate with you just because you are overweight but don’t let that stop you from reaching your goals, it’s just temporary. You are beautiful in every possible way. Don’t let words and people’s attitude bring you down. Focus and make that change.

About My Fitness

Two years back I hated wearing sleeveless tops,  my arms and shoulders were too big it just never looked right especially for my height. Summer times use to be depressing for me.. I use to wish to wear sleeveless tops and dresses two years ago. For these past three months of training to tone up, with Kunal. I have finally gotten shape to my shoulders and arms. I have toned and shaped still a little more work. but I’m making sure I don’t give up. I just want some shape and to be toned up a little. I still eat normal Whole Foods. I don’t take any supplements only vitamins. I don’t use massive gym equipment, if I do it’s small dumbbells. Don’t have dumbbells at home? You can use even a small packet of sugar as weights, nothing is impossible! You can reach your dreams and goals if you put your mind to it. It all starts with clear mind and turning negative into positive.

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