Change During Pregnancy

We all know that a womens body goes through immense change during pregnancy. Research has found that women are under pressure to go back to their pre-baby weight quickly after the birth of their child.
Immediately they are shocked at how their tummy skin is hanging to the stretch marks n the sagging breast.

Immediately this brings about depression n stress of comparing their body to how it use to be and now. Making most women feel less attractive and not worth enough. This feeling also comes about after seeing celebrities that look like they haven’t even given birth cause they are back in shape in no time.

All mums wish to “get their body back” n, overwhelmed by the exhaustion of caring for a newborn, it can add to the notion of feeling “out of control” of their own body. Havin a baby is not a once-off part that happens to a mum and then expect her to just go back to wearing her skinny jeans. It’s all a long difficult process.

We need to help shift the focus away from how mums look and the perceptions of bodies. We should help mums to focusing on being healthy, physically and mentally, all these issues will contribute to how they feel about themselves.” There are so many things that run through a mums mind from how do I get back to my original weight. Or How do to takecare of this little baby n how do i actually be a mother?’ n for others, no time is spent thinking anything at all, they are just trying to get through motherhood under constant pressure.

We can help new mums by assisting them with healthy eating n food in general. we need to help change their mind set to a positive one.
We need to support them and make sure they’re eating well and focusing on themselves as a mother who has had a baby. We need to talk to them about keeping fit and healthy to make them feel empowered.”By doing this it will help them connect better with their new baby.

Most importantly, they need time to actually appreciate the miraculousness of wat their bodies have accomplished.” To all the mums remember Your stretch marks DO NOT define you, your scar DOES NOT define you, your flab DOES NOT define you,” U are incredible, U are a mother n u are the light of your babies eyes.

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