Calm Collection By Le Creuset

Today was one of those days to indulge into a beautiful dessert with my calm collection from @lecreusetsa. A to die for moist cake made by @lockdownkitchen_ You have to taste it to believe it. Three different flavored soft sponge cakes topped with sweetened whipped cream served with a absolutely delicious flavored milk mixture to pour over. This Tres leches is best served cold. After pouring in the milk mixture it’s a heavenly dessert. Three beautiful flavors, pistachio, saffron and coconut…all three of these flavor are winners. Get yours now from @lockdownkitchen_. desserts#treslechescake#dessertsofinstagram#lecreusetcalmcollection#treslechescak #softspongecake#heavenonearth#getyoursnow

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