I have about 4 weeks left for our new born to arrive, but I’m smiling in this pic which was yesterday because I realized that anything you want is possible no matter how you feel or what position you are in.

Yes my recipe book has been put on hold due to covid and being to risky to meet with my designers and printers, but it did not stop me from accomplishing many other goals.

This year has been a crazy year for all of us. For me it is still a crazy stressful one, from having a miscarriage in January to falling pregnant again when the whole world changed end of February with Covid and lockdown. Domestic workers not allowed to come to work during lockdown. Yes it was a struggle seeing to home, Kunal a 2 year old going through his phases, refusing to potty train, the little boy’s whole routine and freedom was taken away due to Covid till today, having a partner treating Covid patients. Same time having morning sickness throughout my pregnancy, nausea, nose bleeds and being on lockdown till today.
But wait!!!! none of this stopped me from achieving some of my goals.
I don’t work with some big marketing team at all. Everything I do for my page is done by me. Being on strict lockdown I still accomplished working with some amazing brands, almost launching my spices soon hopefully before birth and my blog to make it easy for everyone to scroll through free recipes (trust me it takes a lot of time to edit). I have so many brands waiting to work with me which I am truly proud. Why because it’s just a pure clear mindset and not loosing focus on my goals. My page is a real page. Amazingly enough it has been brands contacting me for collaborations and finding a huge interest in The Healthy Plate. During all these achievements it is sad to say that you will still get bloggers or individuals who will never want to recognize your achievements, even though your normal post will be commented or liked but never your achievements. Instead individuals will want to steal your ideas or try to be one better and never want to give your brand credit for the inspiration.

I have never used a private account to build my followers or had other social media apps before. I don’t believe about the number of followers instead it’s all about inspiration and motivating others. It is when i get my daily messages from my followers thanking me for being so true and such an inspiration, this makes me feel happy!

So my whole point is that i’m sitting here waiting to give birth to my second boy but nothing of the above has stopped me from making sure my page is active everyday to working with my dream brands and not loosing focus on my goals no matter how long it takes.

Yes I am a stay at home mum that many people like to look down at when they hear you at home, feel we have no purpose and we live like queens, we actually have the toughest jobs ever.. but there is never a day that we don’t give up, we are already a super human. I have done everything being pregnant with a fully energetic handsome 2 year old, being house bound, still making sure there is food cooked to not letting myself slip away, making sure i try to look my best so i can feel good to get through my day.

This post my beautiful people is to tell you that don’t ever loose sight, don’t let anyone make you loose that focus you have on your goal. There will always be bumps that will make the journey take a little longer, just keep a clear mindset and keep smiling you are almost there. You don’t need to be some model, some big qualification, big bank account or a well know social image to get what you want, all you need is to be the real true you and everything will fall into place. stay original be your own brand!