About The Founder

Payal Ramdhial
Founder – The Healthy Plate

Payal is a purpose-driven, inspirational young woman in business whose vision for her healthy lifestyle stems from a deep-rooted desire to help others transition to being the best-version of themselves. And this includes helping different individuals to evaluate their current needs and shortfalls in order to provide personalised and tailor-made solutions that address specific goals in terms of – weight, diet, instilling and developing a positive mindset and generally a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.  Most of all to show the world how cooking can become a passion in ones life.

Payal has a unique and innate ability to understand and connect with her spectrum of clients given her personal background, friendly disposition, knowledge and expertise in the area of healthy eating and living. Having lost both her parents within a short space Payal understands the individual challenges facing so many when it comes to overcoming difficult circumstances. This includes various stressors and threats to one’s emotional and physical wellbeing, especially given the demands of modern-day society. After giving birth to her first son three years ago, she also gained weight, which adversely affected her usually high morale, self-esteem and her usually cheerful approach to life. However, she was determined to make changes for the better not only for herself, but her husband and most of all, her three year old boy (she is now expecting a little bundle soon to be in this world mid November 2020). 

After careful introspection and being a self-starter, overcomer and self-motivator she decided to take action based on positive lifestyle changes in different aspects. Within a short space of time (only two months) she was remarkably able to shed all the excess weight (almost 20KGs) through self-discipline, a rigorous exercise regimen and a meticulous diet and all this while taking full responsibility for her child, home, family and personal commitments which would ordinarily consume her entire day and leave little time for leisure or any other activities.

Many have tried to instill positive lifestyle changes…but what makes The Healthy Plate unique? Payal managed to achieve the above while eating normally, albeit more whole and natural foods prepared in specific ways using specific ingredients. Plus, at the same time she managed to do the above while remaining affordable, practical and generally easy to implement. Thus, anyone who is committed to following the underlying principles can yield similar results. Notably, this also means healthy and TASTY meals that can be enjoyed by all in a balance

Payal now reveals her best-kept secrets and plethora of sound knowledge, research and information to help individuals unlock their inner potential and successfully make the shifts necessary to lead their best, most rewarding lives – sooner rather than later! Her services have attracted various individuals with divergent needs and goals, including lifestyle and health solutions for those dealing with weight issues, women planning for pregnancy or dealing with post pregnancy issues, most of all motivating women to reach their goals and bring out the passion for cooking.

Additionally, she has several national collaborations with brands that share in her passion for healthy wholesome balanced living in other aspects such as health supplements and kitchenware/homeware etc. She is also a motivational speaker and her main emphasis is on empowering women and delivering addresses with valuable information on nutrition, to showing individuals how cooking can be enjoyed with great passion and purely inspiring women that nothing is impossible to reach any goal in life.  

Furthermore, she currently has been an influencer for Le Creuset South Africa, Future life South Africa and for a Barcelona skin-care range called 360 Skin Workout, at Sorbet La Lucia and Hillcrest and still many more to come.

One of her main passions is cooking, to try and show individuals how simple meals can be turned into amazing mouthwatering meals with just a few changes of ingredients. She has now launched her own spice range that is freshly ground with no added preservatives but just pure wholes spices ground into the most aromatic smells perfect for your everyday cooking. Her recipe book that’s filled with guilt free recipes to wholesome meals will be launched soon through out the country as well as London once Covid-19 has settled.

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