A week left of being pregnant by @thehealthyplateza

Today I have a week left of being pregnant and soon to be a mum to a second little baby boy (you can see my baby bump and swollen face in pic). These last few weeks have been incredibly difficult being pregnant, a full time mum to my little boy who has just turned 3, which comes all bundled up with the terrible 3 tantrums and staying indoors most of the time due to Covid-19 hasn’t been the easiest.

During these last few weeks i have been trying to get my spice blends in order, making them from whole ingredients directly from India which is freshly roasted or ground into powders for the freshest, best flavors and aromas anyone would love to use to make that mouthwatering dish at home.

It was a choice of packaging the spices in bottles which will eventually be more of a cost for a individual who will be paying more for the packaging and a lesser quantity of spice. Or it was sealed pouches with a larger quantity of spices easy to seal or to empty into your own spice jars at home, which is worth the buy.
My aim is to provide everyone with an affordable range that doesn’t only taste amazing but could last you for sometime until you need to make your next purchase.

It was a quiet a decision on which spice blends to start with my list of over 20 different blends. I decided to start of with only a few common everyday blends and every two months come out with 1 or 2 more unique blends that most people haven’t really tried yet.

Before I start letting these spice blends out for all you to taste I need to take one step back and focus on my last few days of pregnancy ordered by my doctor. As I have to be fit and clear minded as possible for Kunal my 3 year old and the birth to my new born next week. To be back on my feet after baby is born and just to work my routine before i start to launch The Healthy Plate’s spice blends to public end of November. I trust you all understand and you will definitely be cooking up some beautiful dishes for the Christmas with my spice blends.

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