Celebrate the season with @LeCreusetSA!

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A week left of being pregnant by @thehealthyplateza

Today I have a week left of being pregnant and soon to be a mum to a second little baby boy (you can see my baby bump and swollen face in pic). These last few weeks have been incredibly difficult being pregnant, a full time mum to my little boy who has just turned 3, […]

@futurelifeza bran flakes with probiotic sachet

Are you bloated, tired, no energy, just feeling heavy and slow! I felt like that for a while until I used @futurelifeza BRAN FLAKES WITH PROBIOTIC SACHET, I started feeling lighter and happier each day with the biggest smile ever being 34 weeks pregnant in these pics. Lack of fibre in your diet can make […]

Ideas to put Strawberries into good use to make a dish incredibly tasty.

Before I go on with this post, this beautiful color for your nails can be found @sorbetlalucia. We all at some stage will buy the biggest beautiful red punnet of strawberries and when you bite into those fat strawberries it’s sour or just has no taste, you have to admit strawberries are not that cheap and […]

Stay original be your own brand by @thehealthyplateza

I have about 4 weeks left for our new born to arrive but I’m smiling in this picture which was yesterday because I realized that anything you want is possible no matter how you feel or what position you are in. Yes my recipe book has been put on hold due to covid and being […]

The Healthy Plate featuring on @lecreusetsa

@thehealthyplateza featuring on @lecreusetsa page. Check out their page.Aloo or Potato Fry is simple stir fried potato recipe made using basic Indian spice mix. This quick recipe of chunky potato cubes stir fried with few basic spices brings out the best in them. I used the new Le Creuset TNS 26cm Shallow Frying Pan to make a […]

Product review on @aafiyah_healthcare supplements

Last week I received a beautiful package from @aafiyah_healthcare all packed with everything my body needs especially after I give birth to my little bundle next few weeks. I am so excited to start using these supplements after birth along with my diet and training. In my package I received the following:Coco-MorCoco-CurCoco-GreekCoco-BlkCollagen with vitamin CAshwagandha Coco-Mor contains […]