A Warm Collaboration With @lecreusetsa. A Hearty Delicious Lamb Stew

A warm collaboration with @lecreusetsa. A hearty delicious lamb stew that i made in April. I received so many request for this simple yet wholesome delicious pot of goodness. The best pot to use to make this stew is definitely the @lecreusetsa round signature casserole that’s perfect for gas stoves, ovens to normal stove tops.

Le Creuset Recipe Collaboration

Earlier this week i made a delicious spicy butter chicken made with a cashew nut spicy paste, home made spices, fresh cream and double thick yogurt. This was another special collaboration with the one and only @lecreusetsa. It is now featured with the recipe on the @lecreusetsa app, profile and Instagram page. I made this delicious butter chicken […]

Bao Bun Kit

Today i received mouthwatering Bao Bun kit from @tabbys__kitchen. I normally make these delicious buns with prawns or crispy chicken or pulled lamb but we all know how time consuming it is just to make the buns from scratch especially being pregnant and having a two year old. Thankfully @tabbys__kitchen made life easy. This bao bun is light, […]

Epoch Baobab Body Butter

Recently i received a beautiful gift from @splendore_beauty_za with this amazing body butter suitable for the whole family. Its more a smooth creamy texture that’s perfect for the kids. My family at home has been using it for over a month keeping their skin smooth with no breakouts or any skin allergies.. You can easily purchase this […]

Fig Collection By Le Creuset

I received a beautiful package from @lecreusetsa with their new fig collection a beautiful earthy, deep violet that I automatically fell in love with. I cannot wait to get my hands on the rest of the new fig collection items. I cant explain the love I have for @lecreusetsa kitchenware just making me want to create more mouthwatering dishes […]

Win With The Healthy Plate & Le Creuset

I am sure everyone knows that my favourite kitchen brand is Le Creuset They have launched an exciting new Fig colour, which launched in store and online on 17th August. The deliciously deep and earthy Fig is the latest addition to Le Creuset’s palette of trend-leading hues. The Healthy Plate and Le Creuset has teamed up to […]

Ways To Cope With Emotional Triggers

Your day has been long. It seems like the morning started out with stress that you carried with you right into your work day, where nothing went well. Dragging yourself home after work, you pick up dinner from a drive thru then find yourself sitting on the couch, eating a bag of chips, a handful […]

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is learning to pay attention. Instead of eating mindlessly, putting food into your mouth almost unconsciously, not really tasting the food you’re eating … you notice your thoughts, feelings, and sensations.You learn to pay attention to:* Why you feel like eating, and what emotions or needs might be triggering the eating.* What you’re […]

Healthy Is A Way of Life

Healthy eating is a pattern of eating that supports your best possible physical, mental and emotional health. It includes making diverse and balanced food choices that meet your needs for nutrients and energy. But it isn’t defined by a single practice or behavior.Healthy eating is the overall way we interact with and approach food in […]

Small Changes Can Add Up To A Big Difference

Small changes can add up to a big difference.We’ve all had those well-intentioned moments when we resolve to make sweeping lifestyle changes: Quit smoking. Lose those kgs . Join a gym and start exercising every day.While we should always strive to accomplish these types of health goals, the road to better health doesn’t always have […]